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New version 2.0

This is an update on current uBox 3Dprinter.

I have made some slight changes to improve print quality and stability of 3D prints. Also there is a small update to the extruder board involving a steel wire rope to prevent a damage to the electric cables on extruder board (cables from probe and X motor).

Also you can see I manage to glue a fan holder on the side for cooling the prints.

The biggest improvement is that the right slider is now pulled by a GT2 belt too. That eliminates vibrations you were getting while printing on the other side of the bed.

You will need to print the new sliders, yrod v2, rod v2 and for easy mounting y axe – rod v2. Also I recommend using the new 3D rods print outs that will allow you to assemble┬áthe printer together much easily than before.

Also as you can see on the images you will need to mount the y motor vertically.


Hope you enjoy the new improvements.