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Assembly guide:

Print all parts with 25% infill.

To start mounting the parts on to the wood use the one with flat edges.
Start with mounting the Z rod holders. Manually measure the middle of the Valje box. Mark the wholes with a sharpie and use dremmel to drill a small hole so the wood screws are easily screw down.


After mounting the Z rods use the drill matrix to setup the mounts for the Y rods and Y motor.  On the other side you will use Y axe2 instead of the Y motor.

Screw printed parts on to the wood with Z and Y motor. Also you can assemble the print bed. Put the basic body together based on the Valje manual without one of the side part.. Also use the bottom metal corners on the edges for better stability.

ubox082Once done start from assembling the extruder board. You will have to cut 2 bits from the 10cm rod to hold the bearings. Also you will need to cut about 2cm from the rod for the Y belt pulley.

After that you can assemble the 3D runner a & b. Using X & Y rods, mount it in your Ubox using zip ties.


Also don’t forget you still need to mount the extruder motor mount. I mounted that from the out side but if you want you can mount it on the inside of the printer.


Also you will have to do a bit of soldering because you will have to extend the X and Y end stop and also setup the Z Auto-Leveling probe.  You can follow the Auto-level probe installation on printrbot. I used this connection method I found on internet.

auto level probe


Once you done it is time to calibrate.


If you are using printrbot board make sure to decrease the acceleration of X & Y to 300. To do so use the M201 X300 Y 300. Also limit the print speed to 35-40mm/s.


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